As we prepare to move forward with the lake repairs/testing in January, we ask that all boats be removed from the lake by the end of the year.

We are uncertain how long the lake will be closed. Boat owners are solely responsible for the cost of removing their boats from the lake. 

During the lake closure period only: Registered boats may be stored at the homeowners driveway or side yard. No street parking is permitted.

We appreciate your support during this time.



12/20/2018: The next Board of Directors meeting will be on January 15, 2019.

12/20/2018: The survey for speed humps deadline to respond has been extended until January 15, 2019.


PDR Community Update Sept 2018


Playa Del Rey Current Working Projects:

Landscaping Update:

June Update from Desert Landscaping Professionals

June 2018 Report

Lakes Update:

June Update from Lake Maintenance Service

June 2018 Report


The Board will be discuss forming a working group at the April Meeting to examine this issue and bring recommendations forward.  Draft Security Camera Bids Specs for adding additional cameras throughout the Community.

Security Camera Specs 042018


Speed Humps

STOP the SPEEDING!  Speed humps are being installed to slow drivers in the neighborhood due to several dangerous incidents involving speeders and children.  

Playa Del Rey Speed Hump Proposal


Reserve Study Update:

The Board has commissioned a new reserve study to be completed.  The new Reserve Study will be built to mirror the asset sections as broken out on the Community’s financial reports.

Proposal 2017-12-19


Lake Repairs:

To ensure the protection of capital in the reserves for overruns and other community projects; the board is considering obtaining a loan and has confirmed with outside counsel that the board has the authority to secure a loan.  The following is from outside counsel:

“Article V, Section 2d of the Articles specifically allows the Association to borrow money and pledge assets as collateral. Article VII, Section 1(c) of the Bylaws gives the Board the power to do all things not reserved to the Membership.  The decision to borrow money is NOT reserved to the Membership in the documents making the decision a Board decision. “

Again, this is an option the Board is weighing to fund the project.

Click here to view the Lake Project Scope of Work

Click here to view the Lake Project Timeline

Click here to view the Lake Project Reports


Floating Fountain Maintenance:

Time for the decalcifying of the fountain.  Here is the proposal:

Floating Fountain Decalcify 042018


Deco Lake “Muck” Treatment:

Report from Lake Maintenance Vendor:

Deco Lake 042018


Golf Course Pump Replacement:

The replacement pump is still approximately three(3) weeks out and will be installed when received.


Perimeter Wall Repairs:

The Board will be discuss forming a working group at the April Meeting to examine this issue and bring recommendations forward.  The Board has requested another Opinion from a different attorney to review the responsibility of the perimeter walls especially along Juniper and McQueen.  

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